Do you have a question or want to make a booking. Get in touch below for your free repair quote.

Free call out service. We don’t charge a fee for coming to your location, its free.



You can contact us via our facebook page, website, email, phone or even send us a text. We are ready to help you fix your device. All we need from you is the make and model device.



Once we know what device your having repaired and you have chosen a 2 hour time slot we will come to your chosen destination. Our call out service is  totally free.




Once we arrive at your chosen destination we will repair your device within 30 minutes for phones or 1 hour for tablets and iPads in one of our fully equipped vans. 

We Fix More Than Just Screens!

We our experienced in fixing a wide range of issues so if its not listed on our site please contact us below.

Charge port replacements

If your having problems charging your device or something is blocking your charge port. We can replace most ports on multiple devices.

Phone Unlocking

If your looking to move from one network to another we unlock most devices. all apple devices must be older than 6 months to unlock.

Software issues

When your having issues with your device crashing or glitching. We can also sort problems with being locked out your google account or your apple device is disabled but we cant unlock your apple device if you cant remember your icloud details.

Battery replacements

For issues with battery life and showing random percentages you can also check the health of your battery in settings on most devices.

Replacement Casing

If your phone housing is looking old and bashed or pushing your screen out we can replace most frames and housings we offer new and used.

Camera and speaker issues

when your device is experiencing problems when on a call or playing music we can replace all speakers on most devices. also if your having issues with your camera shaking,blurry or just going blank we can replace most cameras front and back.

“Did you know!

We also sell protective tempered glass for your device.”

You can request this when booking or when one of the team is at your door they are just £5 with phone repairs or £15 with tablet or ipad repairs or without a repair normally just £5 extra.

Aye Deal

Technician – Stephen Hill


If you have any other questions please feel free to contact us.

Is it just apple products you repair ?

No we repair all kinds of makes and models including Huawei, Samsung and sony plus many more….

Do you do same day repairs ?

Yes we can offer same day repair service

How do i book a repair ?

You can contact us below or via our facebook page, email,phone or even send us a text and we can book you in for a 2 hour time slot.

How can i pay ?

You can pay cash on completion or via BACS , Paypal or Debit & Credit cards.

Do you take the device away ?

No we repair your device in one of our fully equipped vans at your chosen location.

Do you offer a warranty ?

Yes we offer a 90 day warranty on all repairs. Subject to terms and conditions.

What areas do you cover ?

We cover East Kilbride,Hamilton,East renfrewshire,Glasgow and surrounding areas. You can send us your postcode if your unsure.

Why do samsung phone repairs cost so much more ?

Most Samsung galaxy phones are made with a OLED screen and is made with different materials compared to other phone brands that use LCD. OLED is very exspensive to produce which you can see the very high price tag on the newer OLED tvs.





Please select your device from the drop down menu below & best describe the problem with your device in the contact box section and one of our technicians will contact you shortly to arrange a booking for your repair.

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